On April 13, Dr. Takuju Zen from Kochi University of Technology gave a talk entitled “Self-adjoint extension in quantum mechanics and non-Rydberg spectra of one-dimensional hydrogen atom” at the iTHEMS Math-Phys joint seminar.

In the first part, he briefly explained the necessity of self-adjointness of operators in quantum mechanics and gave some important examples of such operators. Besides, he mentioned that the self-adjointness of Laplacian is equivalent to flux conservation in one dimension. Finally, he introduced studies of quantum particles on graphs.

In the second part, the speaker discussed one dimensional Coulomb problem. Mainly, he noted that a simple self-adjoint extension of such hamiltonian could not be used. Then he provided a concrete procedure to study the solutions of one dimensional Coulomb problem and explained his interesting results.

Reported by Yukimi Goto