During 18-23 July, a workshop to bring together experts on High Energy Astrophysics from Japan and Israel was held. The first part (18-19 July) was held in RIKEN Wako, while the second part (22-23 July) was held in RIKEN Kobe IIB. The workshop was supported by iTHEMS.

This workshop was motivated by 3 things. One was Roger Blandford, a reviewer of iTHEMS AC, was planning to visit RIKEN Wako during 24-26 for the review. Second was Noemie Globus, who is a visitor of Astrophysical Big Bang Lab. (ABBL), was interested in organizing a meeting between Japan & Israel. She worked well as a Co-Chair of the meeting. Third was Hirotaka Ito (Chair, ABBL) has some collaborators in Israel, including Amir Levinson & Asaf Pe'er.

We enjoyed lots of excellent talks both from Japan & Israel. Roger Blandford gave a talk on his interpretation of the black hole shadow image by the even horizon telescope (EHT). We had lots of discussions with Israel people, and we agreed to proceed our collaborations on long/short gamma-ray bursts. We received many emails from Israel people that they enjoyed the workshop and their stay in Japan very much, and some of them proposed to have a second meeting in Israel.

Hirotaka Ito & Noemie Glogus worked very well as chairs of organizers. Thanks to them & iTHEMS, the meeting was very successful.