On Nov. 28, 2018, the annual open campus of RIKEN Kobe was held.
From this year, iTHEMS, which has a Kobe office (SUURI-COOL Kobe), joins this event and organized public lectures "Hot topics in Mathematical Sciences".

This year 's program was
Tetsuo Hatsuda "The world that mathematical sciences open"
Ade Irma Suriajaya "How can something infinite become finite?"
Jeffrey Fawcett "What are genomes? - Toward decoding the language of life - "
Masato Taki and Noriaki Ogawa "Artificial intelligence and its medical application"
Shigenori Otsuka and Shunji Kotsuki "Frontiers in weather forecast research"

The lectures were held in the auditorium at the 8th floor of the Kobe IIB building (iTHEMS office is in the 7th floor). Each speaker gave a 30-40 min. talk followed by lots of interesting questions from the audience. It was amazing to see that iTHEMS researchers are not only extraordinary in their own research but also super science communicators !