For the first time, iTHEMS participated RIKEN’s open-day last Saturday. Six researchers from iTHEMS gave short lectures for the public at our seminar room in Japanese.
Those were:
Tomoki Ozawa on Mathematics bridges classical and quantum physics;
Jeffery Fawcett on deciphering the enigma of life;
Yuki Yokokura on physics of black holes;
Yoshiyuki Inoue on the observation of black holes;
Takashi Okada on the network in life science;
Masato Taki on Do AIs dream of electric sheep?

The event was huge success. Every lecture attracted more audience than we can fit in the seminar room. Next year, we should do the lectures in a larger room.
Thank you all the lecturers, especially Taki-san and Yokokura-san who arranged the event.