In iTHEMS Biology Seminar on April 8th, Catherine Beauchemin (Deputy Program Director of RIKEN iTHEMS and Professor of Ryerson University) gave us an introductory talk on Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) method. Many of theoretical scientists often use mathematical models, but it is difficult to correctly estimate parameter values of the model from experimental data. In this seminar, Catherine taught us the MCMC method is a powerful tool for parameter estimation using her recent research on cancer as an example. First, she explained four simple models of cancer growth. Then, using these models, she explained the basic idea and the detail process of the MCMC method. Her talk was very clear. I think that the seminar became helpful for the many attendees because the method can be applied to various fields of science and engineering. Merci beaucoup, Catherine!

Reported by Shingo Gibo