During this session, Dr. Yamaguchi delivered a lecture on evolutionary ecology and its theoretical aspects. He is a researcher who has successfully discovered and quantified new biodiversity patterns through mathematical models in population genetics. In this presentation, he explained his recent research findings in a way that even beginners could easily understand. Various questions and discussions took place.

Particularly noteworthy was the high compatibility of his expertise in insects and yeast with other biological fields, allowing for exchanges of ideas with various researchers. My own area of expertise lies in microbiology, specifically in bacteria. While his models primarily focus on eukaryotic organisms, direct application may be challenging, but applying his concepts is feasible. Applying these concepts is likely to yield new insights into the heterogeneity of populations in microbiology.

In conclusion, this presentation provided a valuable platform for active discussions among researchers from diverse biological disciplines, making it a highly meaningful session.

Reported by Daiki Kumakura