Dr. Namiko Mitarai (Niels Bohr Institute) gave us an amazing talk in the biology seminar. She told us about the collaborative works with experimental biologists on a microbial world. Some viruses that infect bacteria are known to provide immunity to infection by the same virus. According to her, no-immune bacteria can be protected from infection when the ratio of immune bacteria is substantially high in the population, which reminds us of our current cases for Covid-19. Interestingly, the metabolic state of host (bacteria) also affects the virus infection. The talk was very very exciting. In the end of her seminar, she also showed us the tips for the successful collaboration with experimental biologists: (1) We (theorists) should care about them. (2) They (experimental biologists) should care about us. During and after the talk, there were lively discussion between the speaker and iTHEMS researchers. Thanks Mitarai-san!!

Reported by Gen Kurosawa