We are happy to invite Dr. Xueda Wen from Harvard University to give a talk on January 18th. This talk is the first seminar of the quantum matter study group. The topic is time-dependent driven quantum critical systems in (1+1) dimensions, which connects condensed matter physics and high energy physics. Dr. Wen started with two different free-fermion lattice Hamiltonians. The system is driven periodically and alternatively with these two Hamiltonians. Interestingly, this driven system leads to two distinct two phases. This straightforward introduction smoothly brought us to the study of time-dependent driven conformal field theories. The driven CFTs show that the periodical driving systems can possess heating and non-heating phases, and the phase transition boundary separates these two phases. Dr. Wen further talked about the generalization of driving CFTs and several unsolved problems.

This talk is informative as well as interactive. Drs. Tada, Hongo, and Takasan asked several key questions, and Dr. Wen answered those questions clearly and informatively. We thank Dr. Wen for the great talk.

Reported by Ching-Kai Chiu