Renowned globally for its eminent scientists and cutting-edge infrastructures, RIKEN is the largest Japanese research organization in basic natural sciences. This distinction renders RIKEN a very attractive partner for OIST, a burgeoning research-oriented university. Cementing their collaborative endeavorsm, both institutes signed bilateral agreements including a MoU in 2020-2021, triggering and facilitating ambitious projects and fostering new collaborations. Among these, RIKEN Interdisciplinary Theoretical and Mathematical Sciences Program (iTHEMS) has emerged as a dynamic hub for active collaboration with OIST.

The workshop “OIST x iTHEMS Exploring the Mysteries of the Universe and Life - Series 1 | Cosmic ray and Life project” held at OIST on March 4-6 may b­e one best example of the type of brainstorming needed for addressing the most challenging questions.

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