In iTHEMS biology seminar on April 1st, Yuji Hirono (Assistant Professor, Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics, POSTECH, Korea) gave us a talk on chemical reaction networks. Hirono-san has been recently working on chemical reaction networks with Miyazaki-san, Hidaka-san, and me. In the seminar, he talked about a new method of studying chemical reaction networks from network topology. He first explained graph theoretical aspects of chemical reaction systems, and then explained how these tools can be used to characterize reaction systems. Then, he explained a method of simplifying/deforming chemical reaction systems without affecting steady-state properties. I am grateful to Hirono-san because I could improve my understanding of reaction systems through collaboration with him. Also, Hirono-san and I have been friends since we were undergraduates, and I am happy to work together. Thank you very much, Hirono-san!

Reported by Takashi Okada