Our colleague Hidetoshi Taya will move to Department of Physics, Hiyoshi Campus, Keio University as an Assistant Professor, starting from April 1, 2024. We all will miss him and wish him success in his new affiliation! Here is a message from Hidetoshi Taya:

It was truly one of the greatest experiences in my whole life to be able to enjoy science at iTHEMS for four years (including the one year in 2017 as a JSPS posdoc, before joining as an SPDR from 2021). All iTHEMS researchers are so talented and have a broad interest in science, covering almost all topics of science, not only physics, but also mathematics, biology, computational science, etc. The scientific discussions in iTHEMS, therefore, have always been extremely interesting and useful. iTHEMS also gave me a unique opportunity to enhance collaborations through the Working/Study Group program, which I used with NEW (Non-Equilibrium Working Group) and the Theoretical Physics Study Group, and I have learned and enjoyed a lot through their activities. I would like to take this opportunity to express my deep gratitude to the director, Hatsuda-san, the deputy directors, and the assistants, who did/do/are making enormous efforts to achieve the great environment of iTHEMS. Finally, I sincerely hope that iTHEMS will continue to develop and expand its presence, and I look forward to continuing to collaborate and enjoy science with iTHEMS researchers. Thanks for the great four years!