In iTHEMS Biology Seminar on Feb. 4th, Yoshifumi Asakura (Kyoto University) talked about modeling of the mechano-chemical dynamics of an epithelial sheet. He first reviewed experimental observation of the epithelial sheet dynamics with ERK signals and simple theoretical modeling of the mechano-chemical dynamics. He then presented the main questions, stressing the importance of two-dimensionality and parameter heterogeneity in tissue dynamics. In the method part, he introduced the hierarchical modeling which connects the particle-based and continuum models with the cell tracking data. He showed that the models can reproduce the essential features of the tissue dynamics with ERK signals, and moreover, can be used for the quantitative prediction of the velocity field of cells. His presentation contained many beautiful movies of the epithelial sheet dynamics and model simulations. We are thankful to him for the nice talk!

Kyosuke Adachi