Person of the Week


Person of the Week

Self-introduction: Yongjia Huang

I am Yongjia Huang, an International Program Associate (IPA) student studying in iTHEMS. My research interest is to explore what are the new states of matter at exceedingly high density and temperature. In the universe, various compact objects can reach more extreme condition than laboratory, thus they would be ideal candidates. I am studying the GRMHD simulation of binary neutron stars and neutron star-black hole mergers, which would generate various observable outcomes like gravitational wave (GW) radiation, kilonova, outflow and so on. With the GW astronomy era in progress, we would have a good chance to get the information like chirp mass and tidal deformability of the objects. Combining the GW data with the simulation works, then we can determine the equation of state of neutron stars efficiently. I am glad to have colleagues from different fields, and I believe our communication would play an important role in research.


Person of the Week

Self-introduction: Masahiro Nozaki

Hi everyone. My name is Masahiro Nozaki. I am a Special Postdoctoral Researchers at iTHEMS. I worked in YITP, Kyoto University as a JSPS fellow, and then in The Kadanoff Center for Theoretical Physics, The University of Chicago as a Kadanoff Center fellow. I have been studying theoretical physics such as holography and non-equilibrium physics in terms of quantum entanglement. Currently, I am interested in and studying quantum chaos, scrambling and so on. I am very happy if I can interact with researchers in iTHEMS, broaden my research fields, and have fruitful collaborations!!


Person of the Week

Self-introduction: Gen Kurosawa

My name is Gen Kurosawa. I study “Biological Timing”. We know timing of meal influences timing of sleep. Similarly, we know timing of taking medicine influences its efficacy. We know these facts, but we do not really know why. To answer these questions, my approach is to use two types of models. Mainly, I try to develop simpler models to understand the essence in Biological Timing. Simultaneously, I use realistic models (ex. 180 variable ODE model with genes and proteins) to make detailed predictions which can be tested experimentally in a very near future. At iTHEMS, I am happy that I can interact with colleagues from various disciplines.


Person of the Week

Self-introduction: Takumi Doi

My name is Takumi Doi. My main research subject is to unravel the mysteries of nuclear forces from the fundamental theory, quantum chromodynamics (QCD), and hereby to establish the bridge between different hierarchies in physics, from quarks to nuclei and cosmos. In my research, I employ the so-called lattice QCD method, which can perform the first-principles calculation of QCD by numerical computations. Nowadays, numerical computations serve a unique role not only to bridge the theory and phenomena but also to bridge different fields of science. iTHEMS is hosting good computational resources to pursue such interdisciplinary studies, and I wish to support your computational studies and seek new collaborations at iTHEMS.


Person of the Week

Self-introduction: Don Warren

I grew up in America, but lived in Japan for a year before starting my Ph.D. course. I earned my doctorate at NC State University, studying cosmic ray acceleration and the morphology of supernova remnants. I currently study the afterglows of gamma-ray bursts, focusing on applying modern numerical results to the existing model for afterglow emission. My other interests include virtual reality as a tool for scientific visualization, and science communication to the public. I also recently embarked on a project in virology, with iTHEMS' Catherine Beauchemin.


Person of the Week

Self-introduction: Jeffrey Fawcett

My name is Jeffrey Fawcett and I've been working at iTHEMS since March 2018. My main interest is Genome Evolution, and I work on or have worked on a broad range of topics related to genomics, evolution, genetics, bioinformatics, and systems biology. I am a Biologist and have always been working in an environment surrounded by Biologists. So joining iTHEMS and being surrounded by so many physicists, mathematicians, formulas, blackboards, and blackholes is quite a transition for me. Yet, it is very stimulating and challenging, and I am so far enjoying this unique opportunity where I get to work alongside people with totally different backgrounds and hear about so many different topics that I would never have the chance to in a normal research environment.


Person of the Week

Self-introduction: Yosuke Kubota

I am Yosuke KUBOTA, a mathematician who have joined the iTHEMS from 2017. I'm basically working in the area of mathematics called index theory or noncommutative geometry (NCG), which has developed highly abstract theory related with a wide variety of other mathematics such as operator algebra, topology, geometry, group theory and mathematical physics. For example, a mathematics of topological insulators is one of the branches of NCG. I aspire to apply the theory of NCG to practical problems in mathematics and other areas. Please feel free to talk to me anytime.


Person of the Week

Self-introduction: Jason Chang

I am Jason Chang, a research scientist at iTHEMS. I received my bachelors and PhD in physics from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. During my PhD, my focus was on calculating the hadronic contributions to flavor physics using lattice quantum chromodynamics (LQCD). Afterwards, I joined the LQCD group at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) to understand the contributions of the strong interaction in nuclear matter. My interests have since then also extended to explore the possibility of applying quantum annealing to machine learning techniques, and as led to new collaborations with scientists from condensed matter and quantum information science. I am very happy to join iTHEMS, and as a member who is primarily located at LBNL, I look forward to hosting and working with anyone interested in visiting the Bay Area for both the collaboration opportunities with scientists here, as well as industry experts around this area.


Person of the Week

Self-introduction: Shun Furusawa

Hello, I am Shun Furusawa, a special postdoctoral researcher of iTHEMS. I received a PhD at Waseda University in September 2013 and then I worked at NAOJ and FIAS as a posdoc. My research area is Nuclear Astrophysics. I am interested in birth, life, and death of various stars and related nuclear physics. At present, I am working on death of massive stars and birth of quark stars. I am looking forward to chatting and discussing with the iTHEMS members.


Person of the Week

Self-introduction: Genki Ouchi

I am Genki Ouchi, a SPDR of iTHEMS. I am a mathematician. My research field is algebraic geometry. In algebraic geometry, we study algebraic varieties, that is, spaces described by algebraic equations. Recently, I am interested in symmetry of algebraic varieties: infinite symmetry via complex dynamics and finite symmetry via finite groups. When I study such subjects, I often use mathematical notion related to string theory like derived categories of coherent sheaves, Bridgeland stability conditions and elliptic genera etc. I would like to find interesting geometric phenomena inspired by outside of algebraic geometry. Moreover, I am happy if there are application of algebras (or mathematics) to other research fields.


Person of the Week

Self-introduction: Ade Irma Suriajaya

Hello! My name is Ade Irma Suriajaya but people usually call me simply Chacha. I am originally from Indonesia and I made the nickname from my Chinese name, another name I have which is not officially registered, except in my college documents. I went to Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics in China after graduating from high school in Indonesia to pursue undergraduate study in Aeronautical Engineering. I was attracted to Mathematics in just my first month, thanks to the very interesting Calculus class I had back then. I got my first opportunity to study pure mathematics two years later when I got a scholarship for a one-year academic exchange program in Nagoya University in Japan. However I could not do that without sufficient Japanese proficiency, but I was finally able to take basic pure mathematics courses (designed for third semester students) the next semester, and I made up my mind to change my major to Mathematics. Nevertheless, there was no pure mathematics major in my home university in China and during the last year of my undergraduate study, I was taking only mathematics classes offered by the applied mathematics major (the official name was not Applied Mathematics). I managed to come back to Japan the year after, soon after I got my bachelor degree to finally, officially start my path in mathematics. This year marks the seventh year I work in analytic number theory. My main research interest is the analytic properties of zeta functions and L-functions such as, location of zeros and distribution of values of these special functions. I am very delighted to be a part of iTHEMS where I get to easily communicate with other theoretical scientists. I used to be more into Physics and Chemistry when I was in middle school and high school and I am very happy to get to know lots of new things, not only in those fields, but also in other fields of science. Furthermore, I am mostly excited to be able to collaborate with other scientists and hopefully apply my (still very very limited) knowledge in mathematics and also probably, the more limited knowledge in engineering or applied mathematics.


Person of the Week

Self-introduction: Tomoki Ozawa

I am Tomoki Ozawa, a senior research scientist at iTHEMS. I am originally from Japan. I finished my PhD in the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in the US, and then spent five years as a postdoc at the BEC Center (Bose-Einstein Condensation Center) at the University of Trento in Italy. Then, after spending three months in Brussels, Belgium, I came back to Japan and joined RIKEN iTHEMS this April. My main research interest is in the intersection between condensed matter theory and AMO (Atomic, Molecuar and Optics) theory. In particular, I have been working on many-body and topological physics of ultracold atomic gases and photonics. My style of research is to try to understand target systems in as simple way as possible; this sounds rather trivial, but it often leads to something unexpected in the end. In iTHEMS, I hope to collaborate with people from various backgrounds and start something exciting together.


Person of the Week

Self-introduction: Masaru Hongo

I am Masaru Hongo, a theoretical physicist working on nonequilibrium physics. My main interest is hydrodynamics and its possible generalizations to more general nonequilibrium systems. Hydrodynamics universally describes a lot of phenomena seen in the world. Its application covers not only simple liquids in our daily life, but also the extremely high temperature plasma (the so-called quark-gluon plasma which reaches at several trillion Kelvin). Since our fluid is composed of atoms/molecules, or extremely elementary particles described by quantum theory, it is interesting to consider how we can understand the gap between two descriptions. I have studied to bridge this gap between hydrodynamics, which gives a macroscopic description of systems, and quantum field theories, which is a fundamental microscopic theory considered to be state-of-the-art atomism. Based on the recent development of non-equilibrium statistical mechanics, I have provided a solid basis for relativistic hydrodynamics. I am now working on how we can describe the more general nonequilibrium systems. I am happy if we are interacting with each other, and have fruitful collaborations!


Person of the Week

Self-introduction: Takashi Okada

I am Takashi Okada. I am a senior research scientist of iTHEMS from this spring. Previously, I was a postdoc researcher of Mochizuki Theoretical Biology Laboratory (April 2014 to March 2018). My original background is theoretical physics, and, before I came to Mochizuki Laboratory, I researched on particle physics and super string theory. Now, my main research subject is theoretical biology, and, especially, I am interested in biological networks, such as gene regulatory networks, metabolic networks, and signal transduction networks. I would like to understand how today’s biological networks arise through evolutionary processes. I think that iTHEMS is the best environment to study theoretical biology because life science is a very broad field that involves mathematics, physics, chemistry, statistics, and so on. I would like to learn a lot through interaction with iTHEMS members. Also, I am very happy if we can collaborate with each other.


Person of the Week

Self-introduction: Yoshiyuki Inoue

Hello everyone. My name is Yoshiyuki Inoue. I am a senior research scientist at iTHEMS/RIKEN. Previously, I was a JSPS fellow at KIPAC/SLAC/Stanford, and then an International Top Young Fellow at ISAS/JAXA. My research is theoretical astrophysics which is closely connected to observations. I am interested in understanding the nature of supermassive black holes. Here at iTHEMS, I would like to link theory and observations more tightly. I am also hoping to broaden my research fields through interdisciplinary interactions at iTHEMS.