2020-04-06 Person of the Week

Hello, I am Akira Dohi, the Junior Research Associate (JRA) student. My research interest concentrates on how neutron stars are cooled or heated. A Neutron star is born as a remnant by supernova explosion of a massive star and basically cools down by many neutrino losses. How to cool or heat the neutron star is connected to the temperature or magnetic field of the surface, which can be estimated using the observations of X-ray astronomical satellite. The cooling and heating processes are believed to be caused in a wide range of density regions even with the above nuclear saturation density. I am studying numerical modeling of neutron stars evolution, and combining some observations, I aim to specify the origin of these processes, which would be useful for elucidation of various physics, above all nuclear theory. iTHEMS’s members have different fields from my area and this would broaden our scientific knowledges and views through communications.