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Commendation for Science and Technology by MEXT


Prof. Hiroshi Suito (AIMR/iTHEMS) has received the Commendation for Science and Technology by MEXT : Prizes for Science and Technology.

Citation is
Research on the elucidation of the aortic pathogenesis mechanism using mathematics

Many congratulations, Hiroshi !

Press Release

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Observation of Quantized Heating Rate in Ultracold Topological Matter


An international collaboration of researchers from University of Hamburg, Université libre de Bruxelles, and RIKEN iTHEMS observed quantized heating rate, demonstrating a novel universal probe for topological states of matter. The experiment was performed using a gas of ultracold potassium atoms. The researchers looked for the difference in heating rate upong "shaking" the system clock-wise and counter-clock-wise, and confirmed that this different is quantized to the value of the "Chern number" of the system, a topological invariant characterizing a two-dimensional system. The experiment took place in Hamburg, with theoretical collaborations from theorists in Bruxelles and RIKEN iTHEMS.

Hot Topic

Fruitful Exchange Across the Disciplines: iTHEMS-AIMR Joint Workshop "Medicine meets Mathematics"


A truly interdisciplinary workshop was held at Tohoku University, as a joint workshop of iTHEMS and AIMR, Tohoku Univ. on March 29th. The workshop was veritably entitled “Medicine Meets Mathematics,” where about half the speakers were Medical doctors and the rest was mathematicians and theoretical physicists. At the workshop, lively discussions were taken place and a lot of fruitful exchange across the disciplines were made. The workshop was so successful that we are planning the next workshop in a larger scale.

Upcoming Events


The 8th MACS Colloquium thumbnail

MACS ColloquiumSupported by iTHEMSSUURI-COOL (Kyoto)

The 8th MACS Colloquium

April 12 at 15:00 - 17:30, 2019

Prof. Hayato Chiba (Professor, Advanced Institute for Materials Research (AIMR), Tohoku University)

15:00- Teatime
15:15- Talk by Prof. Hayato Chiba
16:45- MACS Student Conference FY2019

The 8th MACS colloquium is supported by iTHEMS. It will be broadcasted to Wako, but if you can join the colloquium physically in Kyoto, that would be better. iTHEMS provides good confectionary at Kyoto!

Venue: Lecture room #401, Graduate School of Science Building No 6, Kyoto University

Broadcast: #235, 2F, Main Research Building, RIKEN

Event Official Language: Japanese


ABBL, iTHEMS, r-EMU Joint Seminar

April 12 at 15:00 - 16:00, 2019

Dr. Kanji Mori

Title: Impacts of New Carbon Fusion Cross Sections on Type Ia Supernovae

Venue: Seminar Room #132

Event Official Language: English


International Molecule-type Workshop "Frontiers in Lattice QCD and related topics"

April 15 - 26, 2019

International Molecule-type Workshop "Frontiers in Lattice QCD and related topics" will be held in Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics (YITP) on April 15 - 26, 2019 under the support of iTHEMS and YITP.

Lattice quantum chromodynamics (QCD) is a systematic method to investigate strong interaction of hadrons with numerical simulations. In this workshop, frontiers of lattice QCD will be discussed under relaxed atmosphere in Kyoto.

Organizers: Sinya Aoki (YITP), Yasumichi Aoki (RIKEN, CCS), Hidenori Fukaya (Osaka U.), Shoji Hashimoto (KEK), Tetsuo Hatsuda (RIKEN, iTHEMS), Takumi Doi (RIKEN, Nishina Center), Atsushi Watanabe (YITP)

Venue: Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University

Event Official Language: English


iTHEMS Math Seminar

Introduction to Galois Theory and Class Field Theory

April 18 at 16:00 - 18:00, 2019

Dr. Hiroyasu Miyazaki (Special Postdoctoral Researcher, iTHEMS)

Plan of the seminar: we separate each talk into two. In the first 60 minutes the speaker gives an introductory talk for non-mathematicians. After a short break, the second 60 minutes is spent for a bit more detailed talk for mathematicians (working in other areas). We welcome you joining both parts of the seminar or only the first/second half.

Venue: Seminar Room #160, 1F Main Research Building, RIKEN

Event Official Language: English


iTHEMS Colloquium

Quantum computing: current status and prospects

April 25 at 15:00 - 16:30, 2019

Dr. Keisuke Fujii (Kyoto University)

Venue: Suzuki Umetaro Hall, 1F Bioscience Building, RIKEN

Broadcast: R511, Computational Science Research Building, R-CCS, Kobe Campus, RIKEN / SUURI-COOL (Kyoto), #204-205, 2F Maskawa Building for Education and Research, North Campus, Kyoto University / SUURI-COOL (Sendai), #303, 3F AIMR Main Building, Advanced Institute for Materials Research (AIMR), Tohoku University

Event Official Language: English


Berkeley-iTHEMS Seminar

Berkeley-iTHEMS Seminar by Dr. T.Tada

May 1 at 15:40 - 17:30, 2019

Dr. Tsukasa Tada (Coordinator, iTHEMS / Vice Chief Scientist, Quantum Hadron Physics Laboratory, RIKEN Nishina Center for Accelerator-Based Science (RNC))

Title: Three quantizations of conformal field theory

Venue: Old LeConte Hall 402, UC Berkeley

Event Official Language: English


AIMR Main Building venue photo

g-RIPS Sendai 2019

June 17 - August 9, 2019

GRIPS (Graduate-level Research in Industrial Projects for Students)-Sendai program was held last summer (June 18 - Aug. 10, 2018) with the support of iTHEMS as well as other institutions and companies. Two industrial projects were launched under the suggestion of TOYOTA and NEC, and two teams composed of US and Japanese students have worked intensively to find solutions of these problems. See for the details of the GRIPS program and the summary of activities at GRIPS-Sendai 2018.

This year, GRIPS-Sendai program will be held from June 17 through Aug. 9, 2019 with a larger scale under the support of iTHEMS. Stay tuned for further information.

Venue: 4F Research Space, AIMR Main Building, Advanced Institute for Materials Research (AIMR), Tohoku University

Event Official Language: English

Person of the Week

Dr. Nagisa Hiroshima thumbnail

Self-introduction: Nagisa Hiroshima


Hello, I am Nagisa Hiroshima. I have joined the iTHEMS from April 2019. My research interest covers varieties of topics in the Universe such as dark matter, structures of galaxies, and gamma-ray emitting objects. I am now working on dark matter search in the Universe with gamma-ray observations combining theoretical methods. I would like to have lots of daily discussions and to try much wider topics here.

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