2022-11-02 Person of the Week

My name is Puttarak Jai-akson. I hail from Thailand and I obtained my bachelor’s degree there. I then moved to Canada to join the PSI program and completed my PhD at Perimeter Institute. I joined iTHEMS in November 2022 as a postdoctoral researcher and I have been very excited to learn, share, and cultivate new ideas with fellow researchers in this interdisciplinary environment. My research mainly focuses on theoretical aspects of gravity, leaning especially towards the theme of black holes, holography, and quantum gravity. I am interested in the idea of quasi-local holography, centering around the study of gravity in finite regions of spacetime where a wealth of fascinating mathematical structures and physics is unfolded. One topic which I have been currently pursued is the underlying correspondence between gravitational physics near finite null boundaries (such as black hole horizons) and Carrollian hydrodynamics, an unusual type of fluid dynamics living at the opposite corner to the conventional Navier-Stokes fluid dynamics. This correspondence will certainly shed light on the better understanding of black holes and their thermodynamical properties. I also believe that the connection between gravity and hydrodynamics will open a new route for the grand quest to quantize gravity.