2021-12-21 Book

Authors: Hiroyasu Miyazaki, Akinori Tanaka, Ryosuke Iritani and Nagisa Hiroshima
Editor: Tetsuo Hatsuda and Ryosuke Shibato
Language: Japanese
Release date: November 19, 2021

Exploring Prime Numbers, AI, Biology, and the Universe
Young researchers who use math to tackle a variety of research themes explain their research and their career choices with fresh sensitivity.


AI (artificial intelligence), biological evolution, and dark matter in the universe - there is a way to understand these different research fields through the same perspective: That is mathematics which is a common language for studying a  wide range of phenomena. Young researchers will introduce their respective research field through the window of mathematics with a fresh sensibility, while sharing their own career choices and the appeal of their research.

Table of Contents

  • Preface (Ryosuke Shibato)

    Introduction - Viewing the World through the Window of Math (Tetsuo Hatsuda)

    Chapter 1: Beyond the Wonder of Numbers (Hiroyasu Miyazaki)

    Chapter 2: How to Make Artificial Intelligence Draw Pictures (Akinori Tanaka)

    Chapter 3: Mathematical Understanding of Biological Evolution (Ryosuke Iritani)

    Chapter 4: What Color is Dark Matter? --How to Study Invisible Things (Nagisa Hiroshima)

    Afterword (Ryosuke Shibato)

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