2022-02-02 Book

Authors: Robert Poulin
Translation: Hirotaka Katahira, Ryota Kawanishi and Ryosuke Iritani
Language: Japanese

Translated from "Evolutionary Ecology of Parasites: Second Edition" ( Princeton University Press, 2007) by Robert Poulin


A long-awaited Japanese translation of the innovative textbook "Evolutionary Ecology of Parasites (Second Edition)," which systematically integrates profound case studies in ecology and evolution of parasites and has raised the research quality in the field. More than ten years after its original publication, this book continues to influence specialists all over the world, and is used as a guide for research and as a standard source of information for an overview of the field. It is not too much to say that studying evolutionary ecology of parasites would be impossible otherwise without reading this book.

Many textbooks, regardless of countries, have focused on the negative aspects of parasites, devoting pages to their effects on the host and their suppression and control, but this book takes a fresh look at parasites as parts of the ecosystem, and consistently and carefully explains their genuine interest and concern as living organisms. By reading this book, you will be able to understand parasitic phenomena deeply and systematically, from individual to the community levels. The final chapters provide thought-provoking application guidelines for future climate change and pest control. The challenges presented in this book should be taken up by related fields in Japan and will definitely contribute to the advance of the field.

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