2023-05-15 Seminar Report

Spring Workshop on Quantum Gravity, the first one in the lecture series Quantum Gravity Gatherings and co-sponsored by NCTS, was a great success with about 50 participants, including some from Taiwan.

First, Prof. Kawai's intensive lecture on quantum gravity was wonderful. In the basic part of the first half, he explained the physical aspects of the ordinary formulas found in textbooks on general relativity, from a quantum theoretical standpoint, and transformed the equations consistently, to arrive at physically clear results about quantum gravitational fields. In the latter part, he described the features of field-theoretic quantum gravity and its limitations. Through these, he showed us the importance of researching quantum gravity step by step from a fundamental point of view.

All participants were interested in quantum gravity, and there was an atmosphere of togetherness in the room. During the lecture, a variety of questions, from the simple to the fundamental, were raised. During breaks, small discussions spontaneously occurred here and there in the common space. And in the short talk sessions, we were able to share each other's research and interests. The banquet on the first day of the event was a great opportunity to deepen friendship. Thus, this event provided many opportunities for learning, research, and exchange for the younger generation.

Reported by Yuki Yokokura

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