2022-11-02 Person of the Week

Hola!, This is Maria Manuela Saez, an Argentinian astronomer and a new RIKEN - Berkeley postdoctoral fellow. I'm interested in astrophysics, and in particular, my research focuses on the study of core-collapse supernovae and the role that neutrinos play in these astrophysical environments. Core-collapse supernovae are the final evolutionary stage of massive stars and represent a long-awaited observation target for neutrino telescopes. To explain these events, one needs an interdisciplinary field of research that combines nuclear physics, particle physics, astrophysics and numerical simulations. Studying the signals that the supernovae' neutrino fluxes leave in the detectors, with an appropriate neutrino flavor discrimination, is possible to infer properties of the physics of the neutrinos involved and to study scenarios with non-standard neutrino properties. The structure of the neutrino mass spectrum and lepton mixing is imprinted into the detected signal. My goal is to contribute, from a theoretical perspective to the definition of strategies for detecting and studying neutrinos in large underground neutrino and dark matter detectors.
I'm looking forward to discussing and collaborating with iTHEMS people.