2019-05-09 Seminar Report

On April 25th, iTHEMS Colloquium featured Prof. Keisuke Fujii from Osaka University. Prof. Fujii has just moved to Osaka and started his laboratory for Quantum computing.
Started with quoting Richard Feynman and went on to summarize the history of quantum computing. Then he gave a pedagogical explanation of the principle of quantum computing and the overview of the subject.
Next, among over three hundred papers at Quantum Algorithm Zoo, he singled out Quantum Phase estimation as the most important Algorithm. Prof. Fujii explained the algorithm and told the audience that it has application to Prime factorization, Quantum Chemistry and Quantum simulation as well as Quantum linger system solver, which has relevance to AI.
He then gave the assessment of the current status of quantum computing and future prospect. The lecture was concluded by the exposition of Quantum-classical hybrid algorithm and its application to machine learning. Because of the exciting topic featured, the lecture attracted many keen audience.

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