2021-11-02 Seminar Report

Our Universe is filled with mysterious high-energy emissions: Cosmic-rays (CR), neutrinos, and gamma-ray photons. They could be generated at the same source populations although we have not yet confirmed. Among these messenger particles, the neutrino is a special one to probe their origins. Cosmic rays are deflected by the magnetic field, while high-energy photons are attenuated during its propagation. Only the neutrino could preserve the information about the production sites.

Also, the neutrino should be a messenger to physics beyond the Standard Model. The fact that the neutrinos have finite masses itself requires the extension of the Standard Model. Its origin could be related to dark matter, new kinds of interactions, and so on. On-going and planned experiments should enable us to access these problems by combining spectrum, timing, and flavor information.

In this colloquium, Prof. Kohta Murase reviewed the above contents focusing on the latest results from neutrino observations and the development of the source modeling in the multi-messenger approach.
About 100 people have enjoyed his talk. Lots of questions and some deep discussions related to the topic continued after the main part of the talk. We would like to thank him again and express our great appreciation for your attendance.

Reported by Nagisa Hiroshima

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