2021-10-27 Seminar Report

The Quantum Matter Study Group invited Dr. Robert Peters from Kyoto University to talk about nonlinear responses in strongly correlated systems. In the beginning, the speaker introduced nonlinear responses by reviewing several related experimental data, including a nonlinear photo-induced current. Then, going beyond linear response theory, he explained the approach to compute nonlinear responses in strongly correlated systems. Here, the essential step of his work was to neglect vertex corrections, which enables the analysis of higher-order correlation functions within established frameworks of, e.g., dynamical mean field theory. Equipped with this tool, he showed nonreciprocal conductivity in a ferromagnetic non-centrosymmetric heavy Fermion compound and giant nonlinear Hall effect in a Weyl-Kondo-Semimetal.

Reported by Thore Posske (University of Hamburg, Germany) and Ching-Kai Chiu

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