2024-06-26 Hot Topic

In VOL.53 of the Japanese edition of the magazine 'WIRED,' we delve deeply into the potential of "space" × "computing." However, how should we define the very essence of "space"? A superficial exploration would undoubtedly result in a half-baked understanding. Therefore, we sought the wisdom of one of the foremost theoretical physicists of our time. We visited the office of Yasunori Nomura on the 4th floor of the Physics Department building at the University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley). Professor Nomura, what exactly is "space"?

What is space?

This question is directly related to the progress of modern physics. It can be said that modern physics is a discipline that seeks to understand "space and time." So, before delving into the perspective of quantum gravity theory, which is my specialty, I would like to briefly explain the relationship between physics and space.

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