Featured Paper of the Week


Featured Paper of the Week

Self-learning Monte Carlo method with Behler-Parrinello neural networks

Self Learning Monte-Carlo (SLMC) method is one of the recent promising applications of machine learning techniques to computational physics especially Marcov-Chain Monte-Carlo (MCMC) simulations in st...more


Featured Paper of the Week

The relative Mishchenko--Fomenko higher index and almost flat bundles

Existence of a positive scalar curvature (PSC) metric has been one of the central topics in differential topology of higher dimensional manifolds. Index theory provides a topological invariant whose v...more


Featured Paper of the Week

Two Ck1δ transcripts regulated by m6A methylation code for two antagonistic kinases in the control of the circadian clock

Thanks to the accumulation of molecular knowledges about biological clock, we can predict a missing link “X” in the system by using a realistic simulator. Meal-time is known to influence our sleep-wak...more


Featured Paper of the Week

Structural Bifurcation Analysis in Chemical Reaction Networks

In living cells, large numbers of chemical reactions form complicated networks (e.g. metabolic networks). It is considered that dynamics arising from such networks are the origin of biological functio...more


Featured Paper of the Week

Hilbert schemes of two points on K3 surfaces and certain rational cubic fourfolds

The goal of birational geometry is the classification of algebraic varieties up to birational equivalence. An algebraic variety is called rational if it is birationally equivalent to the projective sp...more


Featured Paper of the Week

Production of intense episodic Alfvén pulses: GRMHD simulation of black hole accretion disks

The episodic dynamics of the magnetic eruption of spinning black hole (BH) accretion discs and the associated intense shape-up of their jets are studied via three-dimensional general-relativistic magn...more