2021-09-17 Seminar Report

Matteo Baggioli (Jiao-Tong U. Shanghai) gave a talk on "Towards a description of amorphous solids and viscoelastic materials using effective field theory and holographic methods." Amorphous and viscoelastic materials appear in many places, not only in scientific problems but also in our daily life. Despite its ubiquity, there are many intriguing phenomena that are not yet understood, in particular, in the non-linear regime. In the talk, Matteo explained his recent attempts to formulate non-linear responses in amorphous and viscoelastic materials based on holographic and effective-field-theory techniques. Matteo also discussed open problems and future directions that we can pursue in the future. There were about 30 participants from various fields of physics, and we had fruitful discussions from a broad point of view during and even after the talk.

Reported by Hidetoshi Taya

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