2022-03-11 Book

Editor: Tetsuji Tokohiro
Language: English

Covers both experimental results and mathematical models to analyze cellular dynamics. Includes basic introductions in each chapter for non-experts in biology or mathematics. Clear and concise structure that helps readers’ understanding.


This book describes the dynamics of biological cells and their mathematical modeling. The topics cover the dynamics of RNA polymerases in transcription, construction of vascular networks in angiogenesis, and synchronization of cardiomyocytes. Statistical analysis of single cell dynamics and classification of proteins by mathematical modeling are also presented.

The book provides the most up-to-date information on both experimental results and mathematical models that can be used to analyze cellular dynamics. Novel experimental results and approaches to understand them will be appealing to the readers. Each chapter contains 1) an introductory description of the phenomenon, 2) explanations about the mathematical technique to analyze it, 3) new experimental results, 4) mathematical modeling and its application to the phenomenon. Elementary introductions for the biological phenomenon and mathematical approach to them are especially useful for beginners.

The importance of collaboration between mathematics and biological sciences has been increasing and providing new outcomes. This book gives good examples of the fruitful collaboration between mathematics and biological sciences.

Table of contents (5 chapters)

  1. Transcription Dynamics: Cellular Automaton Model of Polymerase Dynamics for Eukaryotes (Yoichi Nakata, Yoshihiro Ohta, Youichiro Wada)
  2. Angiogenesis: Dynamics of Endothelial Cells in Sprouting and Bifurcation (Hiroki Kurihara, Jun Mada, Tetsuji Tokihiro, Kazuo Tonami, Toshiyuki Ushijima, Fumitaka Yura)
  3. Synchronization and Fluctuation of Cardiac Muscle Cells (Tatsuya Hayashi, Kenji Yasuda, Guanyu Zhou)
  4. Statistical Analysis of Cellular Directional Movement: Application for Research of Single Cell Movement (Masahiro Kanai, Kazuo Tonami, Hideto Tozawa)
  5. Protein Structures (Hiroki Kodama, Yoichi Nakata)

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