2021-05-24 Seminar Report

On May 19, Dr. Kyosuke Adachi talked about “Amino acid sequence and protein phase separation” at the journal club of information theory study group.

First, he introduced the history of protein states, from its structure observed with X-ray to intrinsically disordered region (IDR) and liquid-liquid phase separation. In this talk, the speaker focused on IDR and phase separations.
Second, he explained some biological functions of phase separation, such as compartmentalization of specific molecules, facilitation of biochemical reaction, and stress response. And the talk moved a question of what kind of sequence feature determines phase properties.
Mainly, the speaker discussed coarse-grained models, which are expected to determine phase properties.
Finally, he mentioned the problem of how to classifying IDRs and the importance of the coarse-grained sequence.

Thank you, Adachi-san, for the interesting talk!

Reported by Yukimi Goto

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