2022-07-13 Seminar Report

The iTHEMS-phys intensive lecture was held on July 5 and 6, 2022. The speaker is Prof. Hiroshi Suzuki at Kyushu University. The title is “Gradient flow exact renormalization group.”
Wilson’s exact renormalization group (ERG), which tells how a system changes under the scale transformation, provides a fundamental framework to define quantum field theory even beyond the perturbation theory. It has, however, been known that it is difficult to preserve a manifest gauge symmetry in ERG because of the usage of the momentum cutoff in ERG. Recently, he has proposed a possible modification of ERG, the gradient flow exact renormalization (GFERG), which preserves a manifest gauge symmetry being based on a gauge-covariant diffusion equation. He has explained the basic idea and properties of GFERG. He has also presented a possible application of GFERG to the consideration of the axial anomaly.
The lecture was held via Zoom. There were about 30 participants from iTHEMS and other universities. The participants enjoyed fruitful discussions throughout the lecture.

Reported by Kengo Kikuchi

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