2021-11-17 Seminar Report

On Nov 4th 2021, Dr. Takaharu Mori from Molecular Science Lab (Sugita Lab), RIKEN gave an online talk, entitled, "Protein structure modeling from cryo-electron microscopy data". He talked about the theoretical method to determine three-dimensional structures of biomolecules at near-atomic resolution, using a molecular dynamics (MD) simulation and also microscopy data. In addition, he showed their combined approach of coarse-grained model and all-atom model. According to him, Bayesian inference and machine learning are useful for the determination of biomolecule's 3D structure which can be the seeds of future collaborations between us. During the seminar, there were many discussions with iTHEMS members especially about the theoretical method to use recent microscopy data. We enjoyed his talk very much. Thanks, Mori-san!

Reported by Gen Kurosawa

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