2024-04-05 Seminar Report

On March 26, 2024, Dr. Haruna Fujioka from Okayama University gave a remarkable talk on behavioral ecology, sociobiology, and chronobiology using her own data of ants. In the 24-hour fluctuating environment on Earth, many organisms have evolved to have a daily rhythm. In humans, it is known that mothers can lose their daily rhythms when they are caring for their babies. Recently, Dr Fujioka developed a special experimental system for ants to discover when daily rhythms are lost. In the talk, she discussed when, how, and why ants lose their daily rhythms. During and after her talk, there was a lively discussion between the speaker and the audience. The talk was concise and easily understood by the 33+ Zoom attendees with various backgrounds. We enjoyed her talk very much. Thanks, Fujioka-san!!!

Reported by Gen Kurosawa

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