2024-04-28 Hot Topic

Tomoya Nagai (iTHEMS Coordinator), Daiki Kumakura (iTHEMS Junior Research Associate), and Nahoko Shinozaki (freelance announcer / mathematics communicator) on behalf of the production team of the annual S&T poster for everyone titlled “Mathematics Connecting to the World: One S&T poster for Every Household”, appeared at the monthly online event ’RIKEN DAY: Let's talk with researchers!’ organised by the RIKEN Public Relations Office to talk about the poster and their usual work and research. A total of 144 people participated, with a maximum of 78 on ZOOM and 66 on YouTube, and ZOOM participants consisted of 37% each of elementary and junior high school students and over 50s in general. The event was very enjoyable, with many sharp questions from the primary schools students, such as "Can everything in the world be expressed mathematically?”.

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