2023-10-31 Seminar Report

However, we have to treat the production of DM carefully before giving up the possibility that DM of m~O(1)eV. Let us consider the production of scalar DM from decays of heavier fermion which was in the thermal equilibrium of the Universe and light compared to the background temperature. The evolution of the number density of the DM particle is obtained by solving the Boltzmann equation. Due to the bosonic nature of this DM, the number density at some specific momentum enhances significantly, showing an exponentially fast increase. This enhanced production stops when the inverse reaction of the DM production takes over. As a result, we have a DM distribution function that is significantly different from those predicted for thermally-produced ones. Note that the momentum of the produced DM is relatively low, in that sense, it can be said as "cold" DM while its mass is in the "hot" DM range.

Such a scenario can be realized in the context of particle physics. Model parameters are restricted by requiring to satisfy the relic abundance and the enhanced production to happen. We will see the signatures in the current Universe by observing at the infrared range searching for the signature of photon lines corresponding to the DM mass, which is a distinctive one!

Reported by Nagisa Hiroshima

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