2020-11-09 Seminar Report

In iTHEMS biology seminar on October 29, Jeffery Fawcett (RIKEN iTHEMS) gave us a talk on genomic data analysis. He started from explaining basic concepts of evolution and explained a couple of important quantities in population genetics, such as nucleotide diversity and the site frequency spectrum, which can be used to infer an underlying evolutionary process from sampled DNA sequences. He also explained statistical methods to study population structures and illustrated one of the methods in a study of the history of Japanese populations, which was very interesting. He made a great effort into his presentation. His talk was very educational and informative, and both experts and non-experts enjoyed his talk. Besides, the next biology seminar on 11/5 was on theoretical population genetics (I was actually the host), and Jeff helped us to prepare for the next week's seminar. Thank you very much, Jeff!
- Takashi Okada

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