2021-12-17 Seminar Report

Prof. Jin Matsumoto (Assistant Professor, Keio Institute of Pure and Applied Sciences (KiPAS), Graduate School of Science and Technology, Keio University) gave a nice presentation on "Magnetic field dependence of neutrino-driven core-collapse supernova models". In the presentation, Prof. Matsumoto introduced his neutrino-radiation-hydrodynamics supernova code (3DnSNe, Takiwaki et al. 2016) to include magnetohydrodynamics (MHD). Using this code, he performed three-dimensional MHD simulations for the evolution of non-rotating stellar cores focusing on the difference in the magnetic field of the progenitors. He found that the neutrino-driven explosion occurs in both the weak and strong magnetic field models. It was concluded that the neutrino heating is the main driver for the explosion in his models, whereas the strong magnetic field slightly supports the explosion.

Reported by Shigehiro Nagataki

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