2023-12-25 Hot Topic

Our colleague Yalong CAO will move to the Morningside Center of Mathematics and the Institute of Mathematics at the Chinese Academy of Science in Beijing as an Associate Professor, starting from Jan. 9, 2024. We all wish him success in his new affiliation! Here is a message from Yalong:

I am deeply in debt of gratitude to Hatsuda san and all iTHEMS assistants for their generous support over the two and a half years which I spent in iTHEMS. To mathematicians, maybe the most important thing is to have an environment where we can freely develop things that fascinate us, which might not be useful for something else immediately. It is a great fortune to me that iTHEMS provides such an environment. Besides that, I have been enjoying discussing with our lovely members and also wandering in the beautiful Wako campus (especially during Spring and Autumn), which helps to refresh me all the time.

I will move to the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing to work and become a visiting scientist of iTHEMS. I hope to come back to visit regularly and continue to enjoy everything here. Everyone is surely very welcome to visit me in Beijing. Let's keep in touch and keep enjoying our life and career.

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