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iTHEMS Weekly News Letter

Seminar Report

Second iTHEMS Biology Seminar on April 30, 2020


On 30 April, Euki Yazaki, who joined iTHEMS in April, gave a talk at the second iTHEMS Biology Seminar. Euki's main research motivation is to understand the diversity and evolution of eukaryotes, especially by focusing on microorganisms called "protists". Most of you probably know nothing about protists. In fact, protist is not a proper phylogenetic group. It is "any eukaryotic organism that is not an animal, plant, or fungus" (from Wikipedia) - i.e. a category to dump all the eukaryotes that most people don't know about and don't care about. Yet, as Euki illustrated, they make up most of the phylogenetic diversity of eukaryotes, and there are still many many species that haven't been discovered. He described his previous research where he isolated an unknown protist from Palau which was different from any other protist that had been discovered, and determined its phylogenetic placement by large-scale DNA sequence data analyses. Euki and I believe that protists hold the key to understanding the origin of eukaryotes and to uncover some new exciting biology. Euki's talk also sparked interest from non-biologists to learn more about phylogenetics, a topic that involves lots of mathematics, which will hopefully be the topic of a seminar in the near future.
- Jeffrey Fawcett

Upcoming Events


iTHEMS Colloquium

Emergence of life in an inflationary universe

May 11 at 15:30 - 17:00, 2020

Dr. Tomonori Totani (Professor, Department of Astronomy, The University of Tokyo)

Venue: via Zoom

Event Official Language: English


Dr. Yukimi Goto thumbnail

Math Seminar

How many electrons can atoms bind?

May 13 at 16:00 - 18:10, 2020

Dr. Yukimi Goto (Special Postdoctoral Researcher, iTHEMS)

In this talk, I will introduce the mathematical studies on the ionization problem. Some experimental & numerical evidences say that any doubly charged atomic ion X^{2-} is not stable. This 'fact' is called the ionization conjecture in mathematical physics literatures. My hope is to illustrates the interplay between mathematical and physical ideas. The talk is directed towards researchers on various aspects of quantum mechanics. In the first part, we will discuss the many-body aspects of quantum mechanics and introduce some basic notions. The second part will deal with the mathematical results in some approximation theories.

Venue: via Zoom

Event Official Language: English

Paper of the Week

Week 1 & 2 of May


Title: How the deprecation of Java applets affected online visualization frameworks -- a case study
Author: Martin Skrodzki

Title: Universal Error Bound for Constrained Quantum Dynamics
Author: Zongping Gong, Nobuyuki Yoshioka, Naoyuki Shibata, Ryusuke Hamazaki

Title: Error bounds for constrained dynamics in gapped quantum systems: Rigorous results and generalizations
Author: Zongping Gong, Nobuyuki Yoshioka, Naoyuki Shibata, Ryusuke Hamazaki

Title: Liouvillian Skin Effect: Slowing Down of Relaxation Processes without Gap Closing
Author: Taiki Haga, Masaya Nakagawa, Ryusuke Hamazaki, Masahito Ueda

Title: Variational Shape Approximation of Point Set Surfaces
Author: Martin Skrodzki, Eric Zimmermann, Konrad Polthier

Title: Vector Fields and Paul Klee -- A Summer School Course for gifted High-School Students
Author: Martin Skrodzki, Henriette Lipsch├╝tz

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