The aim of this study group is to introduce both mathematicians and researchers of iTHEMS in other fields to various recent research topics and the variety of mathematical research areas. Another important aim is to enhance the mathematical interaction between researchers from various fields.


To achieve these aims, iTHEMS math seminar holds various events every semester. Usually, these are seminars or lecture series. Seminar talks are held around ten to fifteen times per semester. They consist of two parts. In the first part, the speaker gives an introductory talk on the subject, aimed at researchers in theoretical, mathematical, and computational sciences, but not necessarily familiar with the specific research field. The second part of the talk provides the opportunity of delving more into detail on the subject and is directed at a narrower audience. However, it is up to the speaker to choose content and targets for this second part. For instance, the second part can elaborate reasoning from the first part, provide rigorous mathematical proofs on statements from the first part, or create different perspectives, like indicating connections to different fields such as quantum mechanics.

Keita Mikami (RIKEN iTHEMS) *Contact at
Hiroyasu Miyazaki (RIKEN iTHEMS)

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