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Farewell messages to the colleagues leaving iTHEMS from Tetsuo Hatsuda

I would like to congratulate iTHEMS colleagues who are moving to other places from April 1, 2020. Masato Taki (-> Rikkyo Univ.) Yosuke Kubota (-> Shinshu Univ.) Susumu Inoue (-> RIKEN ABBL) Hok...more



Dr. Ryosuke Iritani received Suzuki Prize of The Ecological Society of Japan

Ryosuke Iritani received "Suzuki Prize of The Ecological Society of Japan" on March 7, 2020, for his contribution to a wide range of evolutionary ecology as an early career theoretical researcher. Con...more


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Merger between two stars led to iconic supernova -- Simulations suggest that two stars came together to form a blue supergiant, which subsequently exploded

A supernova in a nearby galaxy may have originated from an explosion of a blue supergiant formed by the merger of two stars, simulations by RIKEN astrophysicists suggest1. The asymmetric nature of thi...more


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Possibilities of new science driven by deep learning - Dr. Masato Taki

The rapid development of AI is driven by technology called deep learning. However, no one knows yet why AI with high performance can be achieved through deep learning. We asked Dr. Masato Taki, who is...more



Dr. Masato Taki wrote a Japanese article on the current stats of Deep Learning: "AI being Deceived" in Nikkei Science

Dr. Masato Taki (iTHEMS) wrote a Japanese article on the current stats of Deep Learning: "AI being Deceived" in Nikkei Science (Jan. 2020). This volume is in iTHEMS common room (246-248). Take a loo...more



Dr. Tomoki Ozawa received 11th annual RIKEN Research Incentive Award (Ohbu Award)

Tomoki Ozawa received "FY2019 Researcher Incentive Award (桜舞賞)" on March 10, 2020 for his achievements in the "Study of Geometric Effects in Synthetic Quantum Systems". Congratulations!


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New Hypernucleus "Xi-Tetrabaryon" -- Unravelling the behavior of Xi-particle by high-precision computations



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New story released "Let's ask a RIKEN doctor!" (Written in Japanese)

"Let's ask a RIKEN doctor!" is a content that explains the forefront of RIKEN research for children in an easy-to-understand.


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Modeling the insides of a neutron star -- Improvements to a model for the inside of a neutron star make it applicable to neutron star mergers

RIKEN astrophysicists have developed an improved model for the interior structure of neutron stars that agrees well with observations. Unlike previous models, it can be extended to consider what happe...more


Seminar Report

Boosting the lensing study for DM properties with machine learning techniques

Strong lensing of the galaxy, which can be seen as arc-like features, is a powerful probe of the small-scale DM halos. The populations of small-scale DM halo give us hints about its particle propertie...more


Seminar Report

Biology Talk by Dr. Yasuo Yasui, February 5, 2020.

On February 5, 2020, Dr. Yasuo Yasui, a plant geneticist from Kyoto University, gave a talk on his research on buckwheat (=soba) genetics. First, he explained how the current food supply of the world ...more


Seminar Report

Math Seminar Talk by Dr. Martin Skrodzki, February 7, 2020.

Dr. Martin Skrodzki, who stays at RIKEN iTHEMS as a postdoctoral researcher for the year 2020, gave a talk at the Math Seminar on February 7, 2020. The title of his talk was "Solved and open problems ...more


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Using genomic information to understand the evolution of species - Dr. Jeffrey Fawcett

Many people think of experiments when they hear the words “biological research.” However, Jeffrey Fawcett researches the evolution of species by analyzing genetic information using computers. Below, w...more


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Workshop on Communication for Interdisciplinary Collaboration

On January 28th, iTHEMS member Don Warren co-hosted a workshop on Communication for Interdisciplinary Collaboration. The goals of this workshop were (1) to learn how to communicate with people who do...more


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Summary of interdisciplinary workshop "Present and Future of the Quantum Computing (QC)"

Interdisciplinary workshop "Present and Future of the Quantum Computing (QC)" hosted by MEXT and sponsored by iTHEMS and CEMS was held on Jan.29, 2020 at RIKEN Suzuki Umetaro Hall. There were more tha...more


Seminar Report

ABBL-iTHEMS Joint Seminar by Dr. Hajime Sotani

As ABBL/iTHEMS seminars, Dr. Hajime SOTANI gave a talk about "Neutron stars and nuclear saturation parameters" on 24th January. So far, many equations of state (EOSs) for neutron star matter are propo...more


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Farewell note from Dr. Tomoki Ozawa

Hello. My name is Tomoki Ozawa. I am a senior research scientist at RIKEN iTHEMS. As of February, I am leaving iTHEMS and moving to Advanced Institute for Materials Science (AIMR) in Tohoku University...more


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Search for gamma-ray signals from dark matter annihilations in extended dwarf spheroidal galaxies, article on the Astronomical Herald

The importance of the dark matter density distribution in target galaxies is discussed under realistic settings of the future gamma-ray experiment.


Seminar Report

Math seminar by Dr. Shu Nakamura

The iTHEMS Math seminar was held on 23 January, inviting Shu Nakamura from Gakushuin university. The title of the talk was “Semiclassical methods in mathematical quantum mechanics”. The topic was semi...more


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Distance between collapsing matter and trapping horizon in evaporating black holes

How deep can an apple fall into the horizon of a black hole? Of course, in the case of a classic black hole, the apple reaches the center. However, the real world is described by quantum theory, and b...more