December 5 at 13:30 - 15:00, 2019
Dr. Yuzuru Kato (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Seminar Room #160

Quantum synchronization is a burgeoning research area studying about synchronization phenomena in quantum dissipative systems. In this talk, I introduce recent development of quantum synchronization and talk about a general theoretical framework of semiclassical phase reduction for the analysis of quantum synchronization which we have recently formulated. In our framework, the dynamics of quantum dissipative systems exhibiting limit-cycle oscillations are reduced to a simple, one-dimensional classical stochastic differential equation approximately describing the phase dynamics of the system under the semiclassical approximation. The developed framework enables us to analyze synchronization dynamics of quantum limit-cycle oscillators using the standard methods for classical limit-cycle oscillators in a quantitative way, provides insights into the relation between quantum and classical synchronization, and will facilitate systematic analysis and control of quantum nonlinear oscillator. The result helps us stride the first step toward the possible future applications of quantum synchronization in the growing fields of quantum technologies, such as quantum information, quantum metrology, and quantum standard.