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About iTHEMS

At iTHEMS, we facilitate collaboration between mathematics and other disciplines such as physics, biology, and the social sciences. Thanks to the success of molecular biology over the past decades, we now have abundant knowledge of genes and molecules. In coming years, mathematical approaches will play increasingly important roles in the advancement of biology and the life sciences. We even hope for the advent of new kinds of mathematics.

Yoh Iwasa
Yoh Iwasa, Special Advisor of Interdisciplinary Theoretical & Mathematical Science Program (iTHEMS).

1975 Kyoto University, BS
1980 Kyoto University, D.Sc.
1980 JSPS fellow
1981 Stanford University, Postdoctoral fellow
1983 Cornell University, Postdoctoral fellow
1985 Kyushu University, Assistant
1992 Kyushu University, Professor
2010 Kyushu University, Dean of the Institute for Advanced Study

Awards include:
2003 ESJ Award
2003 Eminent Evolutionalist Award
2006 Foreign Honorary Member, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences


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