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About iTHEMS

Mathematical approaches have the potential to reveal new horizons of basic science that go beyond the framework of conventional research disciplines. I hope  iTHEMS will become  a  prominent and fruitful research hub for mathematical studies.

Makoto Kobayashi
Makoto Kobayashi, Special Advisor of Interdisciplinary Theoretical & Mathematical Science Program (iTHEMS).

1967 Nagoya University, BS Physics
1972 Nagoya University, D.Sc. Physics
1972 Kyoto University, Assistant
1979 KEK, Assistant Professor
1985 KEK, Professor
2003 KEK IPNS, Director
2004 KEK, Executive Director
2007 JSPS, Executive Director
2008 KEK, Honorary Professor Emeritus (to the present)
2009 JSPS Research Center for Science Systems, Director

Awards include:
1979 Nishina Memorial Prize
1985 J.J.Sakurai Prize
1985 Japan Academy Prize
1995 Asahi Prize
2001 Person of Cultural Merit
2007 EPS High Energy and Particle Physics Prize
2008 Order of Culture
2008 Nobel Prize for Physics
2010 Elected to the Japan Academy